The teacher introduced a few years ago

May be first come, first served, American University of Chinese hot is rapidly warming. Dean of the School of International Relations at the school, Goode said Jill, the past American schools opened the French and Spanish, but with the increase of China's international influence Chinese class fast-growing demand. The reporter observe school Chinese class, learning by the students' enthusiasm infection.  More than 20 students from the Institute of International Relations, School of Communication and the School of Business, and they actively answer questions from reporters in Chinese. When asked why elective Chinese, a Chinese name is the Longtan classmates said that China plays an increasingly important role in international affairs, Sino-US relations is essential. A student called Min Shada said: "China has become an important country, learning Chinese is very important, and I decide to go to China for study, and then find a job in Hong Kong or Shanghai, I really want to work in China . " According to statistics, the number of the United States to study in China in 2011 was 18,000, rising to 23,000 in 2012, an increase of about 30%. The goal should be in accordance with the current growth rate, the 10 million Americans studying in China "in 2014. She said, in fact, this is more than just a four-year plan, not just 10 million people, our next goal should be 20 million or more. As of May 2012, the Foundation has received pledges totaling over $ 15 million from Coca-Cola, Wanxiang Group Company and Ford Foundation; same time, the Chinese government also promised to give 20,000 U.S. Student Scholarship. After 2014, the Foundation will be transformed into an independent and non-profit non-governmental organizations, will focus more on the American Community College and ethnic minority students to go to China to study Chinese exchange programs as well as short-term went to Americans studying in China more diversified. . The teacher introduced a few years ago, and now students learning Chinese increased significantly, only three of the original first-year class, there are now five classes, more than 100 students, not only class full of people, there are people lined up.